Director of Think Tank Coffee

What is Think Tank Coffee all about?

Think tank is about exploring, challenging the status quo and the never-ending search for coffee perfection. At heart it’s about finding the very best coffee the world has to offer and learning the skills needed to bring out the best flavours possible.

What attracted you to the coffee scene?

I stumbled onto the coffee scene by accident and was immediately attracted to the challenge of getting the best out of every coffee.

Why did you start Think Tank?

I wanted to expand and was searching for a new challenge. I wanted to find a medium that provides an opportunity for me to continue to grow and learn, but also to share the skills I have learned along the way. I spent over 10 years teaching music in both high schools and uni and find great satisfaction in teaching. The process of teaching helps me to understand what I am doing better and it is incredibly rewarding when you see someone.

What is your attraction to Ninety Plus Coffee?

Steve and Joseph of Ninety Plus Coffee resonate with me because they are searching for the exactly the same thing that I am - the perfect cup of coffee.

Would you consider yourself a coffee purist?

I don’t know if I’d say that. I was blessed and cursed by an unfaltering urge to understand what I don’t know and to work hard to perfect it. From the outside, that constant search may make me appear to be a coffee purist.

What is the lure of coffee?

Coffee gets me up in the morning (I hate mornings). No seriously, it is intriguing. It is such a seemingly simply process to make a coffee yet it is remarkably challenging to make a great coffee consistently or even just once. It’s all about the tiny details

Where does Think Tank Coffee fit in on the coffee production tree?

After the coffee comes off the tree, all the way till it is pouring in the cup – Think Tank Coffee covers the whole process

Other than coffee do you have any other passions?

I still play gigs as a drummer and I’m building a racecar in my garage.