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2015 Ninety Plus Coffee National Cupping Tour

Sarah Ellul - Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The 2015 crop of Ninety Plus Coffee is just a couple of weeks away from hitting Australian shoes and to celebrate I'll be touring around the nation with Ninety Plus Coffee's very own Joseph Brodsky and Steve Holt. 

I invite you to join us in Perth, Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne for an exclusive cupping of the new crop. 

Together the three of us will present what Ninety Plus Coffee is, the processing methods used to ensure they consistently produce some of the best coffee in the world, why it’s so prevalently used in world coffee competitions and what’s in store for Ninety Plus Coffee in the next couple of years.

We will explore the complexities of each coffee and guide you through an exclusive cupping of:

Kemgin W2   \  Tchembe N2  \  Nekisse N2  \  Hachira N2  \  Nekisse Red N2  \  Nekisse Ruby N2

Thursday 6th August, 6PM, Typika Artisan Roasters 

RSVP for Perth via Eventbrite

Saturday 8th August, 2PM, Veneziano Coffee Roasters Café

RSVP for Brisbane via Eventbrite 

Monday 10th August, 6PM, El Cafetero

RSVP for Sydney via Eventbrite 

Tuesday 11th August, 6PM, Axil Coffee Roasters

RSVP for Melbourne via Eventbrite 

As always stock is limited so pre-orders are welcome. Please email me directly to discuss placing an order. 

Hope you can join us on the night.