The Think Tank


Ana Pipunic - Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The Think Tank stand (next to Veneziano Coffee Roasters) at MICE, March 13 - 15, will once again feature the world’s most exclusive coffees. 

Come and taste some these outstanding coffees from producer Ninety Plus. Daily we'll present two coffees to be sampled on Ninety Plus' custom three-group Slayer espresso machine and we'll offer two coffees for filter brew tasting.

Meanwhile, 2015 Victorian Barista Champion Craig Simon will compete in the Australian Barista Championship with his eye on a chance at the World title in Seattle this April.



Slayer Nekisse N2 Think Tank blend              
Filter Tasting  Perci N2 Kemgin W2        
Slayer Nekisse N2 Perci N2                 
Filter Tasting  Nekisse Red Neel N2                  
Slayer  Nekisse N2 Neel N2                  
Filter Tasting   Hachira N2 Neel N2

The following coffees will be available for purchase:

Think Tank seasonal blend. Notes: silky mouthfeel, balanced, crisp acidity, notes of marmalade, cherry and honeycomb. 
Nekisse N2. Origin Ethiopia: Notes: peach, raspberry jam, passionfruit, creamy, milk chocolate.
Perci N2. Origin Panama. Notes: sharp cherry, juicy, carob, herbal, spiced plum, peach.
Neel N2. Origin Panama. Notes: juicy, melon, gesha, orange peel, jasmine, honey.
Kemgin W2. Origin Ethiopia. Notes: white peach, lime, honeydew, ginseng, carob.
Hachira N2. Origin Ethiopia. Notes: juicy, elderberry, toffee, basil, vanilla, floral.
Tchembe N2. Origin Ethiopia, Notes: juicy, elderberry, blackberry, toffee, basil, vanilla, floral.
Nekisse Red. Origin Ethiopia. Notes: intense peach, raspberry jam, passionfruit, creamy, cocoa butter